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About Us

A XtraClean approach to meeting your needs

XtraClean offers a full complement of convenient, no hassle services designed to meet the evolving cleaning needs of today's Theaters, Restaurants and other hospitality establishments.  The XtraClean reliable staff of cleaning specialists employs cutting-edge cleaning techniques, including stateof the art carpet cleaning to restore that "new look" and create a safe and sanitary environment, that your customers will notice and remember, in their entertainment experience.

Clean Kitchen

XtraClean can help you:

  • Maintain good standing with health inspectors.
  • Maintain high cleanliness standards in between inspections, and create a turnkey situation for the managers.
  • Prepare for special events such as grand-openings, kitchen renovations or construction cleanup.
  • Improve employee moral and retention by creating a cleaner, safer environment.
  • Supply regular maintenance programs for equipment at competitive pricing.




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